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DeafConnect is the Internet version of World Deaf Directory's residential email addresses, and is one of the first services of its kind by and for Deaf World.

The big plus about DeafConnect is that it is an email directory containing THOUSANDS of email address listings supplied by you sending us your email address from around the world. It is like having a HUGE phone book right at your fingertips.

We try to ensure that the information in DeafConnect is accurate. We update World Deaf Directory regularly, so any changes made to a person's email address will be reflected in DeafConnect shortly.

While DeafConnect makes it easy for you to find a long-lost friend, relative, old school chum, or associate, you may want to give them a surprise call immediately.

Use of the information in DeafConnect for commercial or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. You are prohibited from using/copying this information for commercial purposes such as telemarketing. The reproduction or distribution of any information contained herein is prohibited.

We hope that you enjoy using DeafConnect.

Please send us your comments on our new site. Thanks!.